Amazon Kindle Review and Comparison: Amazon Paperwhite or Amazon Voyage?

If you are looking for Kindle, perhaps you can go for the latest or choose to buy the older Amazon ebook readers. Your decision may be determined by budget or preference. With the so many Amazon Kindle devices available nowadays, it might be difficult to follow up every new release. So, you may need to know the 2 core basic devices and compare what suits your needs best.

Let's start with the latest version of Amazon Base-Level Kindle. Its release was announced last year by Amazon and it's an improvement of the original model. The older model was the cheapest of all Kindle devices, and basically meant for casual reading during the day time. Though some users said they used them at night, they must have been in using them inside rooms with string lights. However, the latest version is a good choice. Find out for further details on  Kindle Fire right here.

It is 16% light and 11% thinner than the previous model, and it's available in both black and white. The Bluetooth audio feature is also interesting because users can listen to an audio through an external speaker or headphones while following the text on the screen. Internal storage has been doubled to 4GB from 2 GB, allowing you to store a big volume of ebooks.

Compared to Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage, the latest version of Amazon base-level Kindle is somehow low quality. The screen is not as sharp as the other two Kindle devices, the body is somewhat chubby, and there is no inbuilt lighting. But, the price is relatively cheaper compared to Paperwhite and voyage devices.

Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite that was improved last year has been incorporated with additional features to match its brother Voyage. It has a new display with a super resolution of 300 ppi almost similar to the Voyage's screen resolution. The overall appearance has been improved, and the display text is clearer and more legible than the previous model.

It has an inbuilt lighting, making it a better Kindle device than the new version of Amazon base-level model. However, the built-in lighting is not as complex as the Kindle Voyage's. The Kindle Paperwhite's interior has been designed to offer ideal user experience because you can grasp the rugged surface comfortably. But, it's the heaviest model of all and can be tiresome if you are a long-period reader.

Amazon Kindle Voyage

This is the most advanced Amazon ebook reader, and also the more expensive than Paperwhite. It has plenty of premium features to offer including its angled magnesium back and haptic page turning controls, just to mention a few. In addition to its state of classiness, Kindle Voyage is the slimmest and lightest. You can just use for a long period of time without feeling arm-hurt. The display is glass just similar to a premium tablet, unlike the Paperwhite models that have recessed plastic displays.

In conclusion, you might also need to know more about the Kindle Oasis models. They are the most expensive Amazon ebook readers, but they come with multiple of features. Take a look at this link for more information.