A review of the Kindle Voyage

There are a variety of eBook readers available from Amazon to enrich your reading experience. The one you choose depends on various factors like the cost of the device, the features it has and your preferences. In this short article, we will review the Amazon Kindle Voyage, and you can decide whether it is the ideal device for your eBook reading needs. Here's a good read about  Kindle Oasis, check it out! 

The features of the Kindle Voyage include; a weight of 180 grams, a thickness of 7.6mm, allowing this device to fit nicely into your hands, PagePress buttons and a back made of magnesium. The design is unique and great as which several reviewers have liked.

The Voyage is an upgrade of the paperback and is a top Amazon device when compared to the other devices like the Kindle Paperwhite. The Voyage has a great display which allows you to read your eBook during any time, night or day.

The Kindle Voyage is also a bit different form the other devices in that it introduces physical buttons as opposed to the earlier versions which only had touchscreens. The Voyager utilizes a combination of page return sensors and haptic feedback which provides you with a little vibration each time you push down on either one of the bezels. This is the feature we described earlier as PagePress. The feeling may seem a bit odd at first because you are not very sure how hard you should press down and the feedback might not be very clear particularly if you are used to tapping the display or pressing the physical buttons. But, eventually you will get used to it quickly, and you will notice that the manufacturers had a purpose in not using the physical buttons which was to reduce the weight of the device.

The design of the Voyage sets it apart making it a sleek device. It is the sleekest Kindle device, and yet it is the best-looking e-reader available on the market. The magnesium display, flush display, very thin design speaks of the precision and quality used in manufacturing it. The 6-inch screen display in the voyage allows it to be clearer and crisper which further enhances the reading experience. The display in the Voyage is also the first to be made with a toughened glass in place of plastic. This makes it more resistant to scuffs, making room for the sleek design and a smoother touch. In addition to this, the display in the Voyage has been micro-etched so as to reduce reflections. The Voyage also has a front light that is adaptive. it adjusts the brightness well so that the light slowly darkens when you are reading in bed. Kindly visit this website  http://www.wikihow.com/Publish-on-Kindle for more useful reference.